5 reasons why your kids don’t want to eat vegetables.

In this post I would like to start a mini series of blog entries relating to the implementation and evolution of healthy eating habits in children.

That is, how to teach and convince your little ones to eat this whole “bad” healthy eating.
You can expect, the provisions aimed mainly for the youngest cavemen, for example; suggestions for lunch boxes to school (if you are not convinced to the nutrition of children in the paleo style here, Gregory on his blog described it perfectly).

I don't want to eat vegetables.

I have two children so I gained some experience in this topic. Younger is quite a difficult case, refuses to eat anything green, red or colored.

And now let’s get to the topic of this entry: 5 reasons why your kids don’t want to eat vegetables:

  1. ¬†From the very beginning they hear: “eat a salad because it is healthy”, “How do you eat a lot of spinach¬† will grow”, but the children do not think about the future for them only in the here and now, taste and self satisfaction from eating. They do not want to be big and healthy for a closer look at an unspecified time, they want something delicious at this point.
  2. Each urges to eat vegetables, Granny, aunt, Lady in the nursery, still only hear: why not eat vegetables?With every, or almost every meal, keep these vegetables and problems with them. The child thinks: all me persuade them to eat must be very bad.
  3. After putting it comes time to bribery: Eat the vegetables you can exit teleport can be found from the table, eat vegetables to get dessert, eat it will be a fairy tale, eat it will be ice cream. Sound familiar? And now do we have to use bribery to do things that we like? A child automatically begins to wake up to the reluctance to eat.
  4. Solicitation and bribery fails? Well, we’re trying to sneak vegetables into a meal. And children will find them sooner or later, no matter in what form they were smuggled. Such a method that violates the trust of our child to us, two can begin to twist his nose for most of the dishes that we prepare. If you already have them add it say about children appreciate the sincerity, and also learn that vegetables can be served in a variety of forms.
  5. A small child has on average twice the taste buds of adults (almost 10 thousand!). It is therefore the most taste his sweet dishes. Often make mistakes from a young age in the feeding of children, giving them a lot of processed food, heavily sweetened, ready-type jars, chips, nutella, chicken pieces with type (nugget chicken), etc. Therefore, later, you will spin your head on vegetables, which have a fairly crisp taste.

Some time ago, my children were invited to the birthday of a friend from kindergarten. On the table were intricately prepared sandwiches (for the sake of discussion, let’s leave this time about bread) of ham were cut out patterns to the chives, salad, finely sliced cucumber, it looked very appetizing. But next to it was a bowl full of chips, jellies, sticks, gum and other sweets. How do you think, after which children stand? At the end of the event, almost all of the sandwiches were not taked, unless one of the I have managed to catch the toddler and get to eat. girl eat veggies

The situation would look very different if it were on the table instead of these sweets were just sandwiches, or chopped vegetables, everything disappeared, and the kids even have called for sweetness.

5 reasons why your kids don’t want to eat vegetables.

At the end, you probably expect a magical ways and tricks to turn Your child “in your little one, that will be with the taste of brussels and spinach.
Unfortunately, this is not so simple, this is the most long and bumpy route to achieve this. But it can be.
To bring up a child who likes and demands that the vegetables, it takes a lot of time, but it’s like with everything on kids, science, reading, writing, counting, that’s all it takes, so why with healthy eating habits had to be otherwise.